Side Effects Of Athletics

I know that in most posts that have been published already, I always talk in a good way about sports, staying fit and being in shape. I talk about the importance of exercising, and how that has a powerful effect to simple things like your muscles, or more complex like your cardiovascular system and mood/mentality. What I haven’t said yet, and I think it’s kind of important (especially for the younger crowd looking to work out like Rocky Balboa does) are the side effects and physical problems that follow a workout program.

When you think of the human body or human mechanics (aka bio mechanics) you really need to look at it as a vehicle: its fuel is food, its maintenance is sleep and its life is movement. However the more you take your car out on the road, the more it gets worn out and loses the quality: its metals will lose the color, the engine will have flaws, and the wheel structures may brake at some point. Well…as strange as this may sound, humans too get into such situations. An engine failure would be more like a heart attack (and that is not an immediate affect of exercising) however your joints and your bone/muscle condition, could pretty much be symbolized with a flat tire, or a tire losing air. The truth is, when you work out and especially if you work out in a harsh way (even running can be considered a harsh workout) you are putting a lot of pressure on your body organs, and especially your joints. These absolutely need movement in order to stay healthy, but at the same time, you can create small damages that over the years, lead to much greater problems. A simple ankle sprain, is a good example.

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Staying Fit Because Of Job

For today’s article, I have quite an interesting subject and topic of discussion. I will talk a little bit about the way humans (the human body) has been created to live, and kind of the lifestyle we follow today (you kind of get the direction of this article, right?)

Many many years ago, when God created us, even if you think about the jobs that existed back then, it was all focused on manual work. Nothing computerized, no indoor work situations and desks. It would basically be a lot of work under the harsh weather or the sun. But as centuries went by, more and more people were trying to improve their life conditions and their overall situation (and quality of life) leading up to what we know today as the office job.

That is probably how the gymnasium boom took place: people understood that they are nowadays inside offices, sitting on a chair or couch for very long hours and not getting enough movement. Remember our motto? Keep moving!

So what basically happened, was we stopped moving and with that we got the extra calories, the extra join problems and overall health issues. Our bodies were not designed in such a way, and even if you look at it from a bio-mechanical stand point, it is modified and structured in a way for manual work. Basically in a similar way that animals have been structured. It’s created to hunt and all that good stuff.

I was reading the other day about a worker of a commercial demolition company out in Georgia saying how his job allows him to not go to the gym. Even when you think about construction, it still is much different than thousands of years ago. Because back then, all the boulder had to be lifted manually by human manpower. Today you pretty much got cranes, bulldozers and all that fun stuff. So it still isn’t as tough as it was years ago. But according to that worker’s interview, they still very much lift heavy weights and even operating these pieces of heavy equipment, takes a lot of manual work. Even considering the walks on the deconstruction site, that by its own can be a very good daily workout.

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Mega Athletes…Great Influence

As I have stated before, I understand there are a lot of younger people in the room reading this posts we are making day in and day out. So not only are we extremely careful when it comes to the type of advice we offer, but we also make sure the topics are somewhat relevant even to teenager. A lot is happening in your lives right now with all the world events and everything you read on the news. Of course I am strictly talking about athletics – let’s leave politics out of this.

So today we just wanted to discuss briefly with you (and maybe this is more for parents but anyway) the kind of influence mega athletes have on young people. A child has pretty much 2 types of idols when growing up: the actor/singer and the athlete. There is nothing in between, and in most cases children don’t even look up to their own parents (that is disturbing and says a lot about parents, but that is a different story.)The point being that the influence is so great that can have a negative effect. Do you remember when you were in the candy shop and asked from your child to not speak to strangers because they may influence him/her? Well…guess what: as long as you have that TV or computer on,  you are inviting that stranger into your own house. And of course you can’t/you shouldn’t shut down those devices, but you also need to understand that there are more ways for your child to be harmed, than talking to someone random on the street.

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Training Masks – Do They Work?

This article’s purpose will be to discuss the importance of using a training mask in your everyday workouts and training. There has been a lot of discussion about it, and whether it actually helps improve your performance. We know of course big stars like Marshawn Lynch that loves wearing it during workouts and would probably love to wear it during the games (I heard he will be playing for the Raiders – we will see.)

There actually has been a lot of debate about it, and half of the people love it, while others question it. I happen to be a Physical Therapist, and a lot of my work focuses on respiratory physiology and training, so I believe to have some insightful information for anyone curious about it. Before we jump in though, let’s get the facts straight regarding what Training Mask actually believes their product does:

A lot of athletes train in high altitudes in order to get more red blood cells in their cardiovascular system, which as we know carry the oxygen to our tissue. That of course has been scientifically proven and indeed helps with the performance of the athletes. It is a natural dope substance that is allowed in the games. Training Mask claims to have the same natural effect with training up in the mountains…only you can do this at sea level. Basically what it does is restrain the flow of air/oxygen your lunges get, making you work much harder (increasing your cardio beeps) than what you would naturally work. Scientists and many people that believe training mask doesn’t work as a product will say that even athletes in the mountains, train there for a few months before coming down to the games. That basically suggesting there is a time factor to be involved. But looking at this from a medical point of view and a question of: does it help even a little bit – there I have to vote for the training mask, hands down.

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If Teens Lift Weights They’ll Stay Short (um no)

The tittle pretty much says it all. And unfortunately, a lot of you people actually reading this may believe this is true. Medical professionals (note I didn’t say doctors) suggest that if people at an early age (during their earl teenage years before they are fully developed) start lifting weights, something voodoo takes place in their joints that keeps them short. Well, I was tormented with that thought and that threat as a young child myself. Whenever I would attend physical education, I didn’t dare tell anyone that I lifted weights (nothing too intense – just regular workout but instead of running a track, I lifted weights.) It was the “big no no” back then and unfortunately still is today. What I don’t get (and this is for you parents) is why are we supposed to pay tons of money in taxes to support schools that pay these teachers, or pay tuition for an academic training program, when they haven’t really gotten their facts straight? What ever happened to not paying whoever does a horrible job? There needs to be consequence. 


So, when i was younger I did a lot of reading regarding this topic. It just didn’t make sense to me, that someone who lifts weights stays short. I mean what is the explanation behind it? That something voodoo happens that nobody knows about, wasn’t really the answer I was hoping to find. So when I kept on reading and looking at real life examples, I really couldn’t convince myself to listen to that stupid advice. If you look at football players, the lift weights since elementary school and you look at the beasts they become (not just in width but also height.) So I kind of experimented on myself, and took my risk of “staying short” to start lifting weights. I figured, if I stay short, so what? At least I will have a real life example; myself!

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Human Physiology

I want to welcome you to our second post already. The first one was more of an introduction about the purposes of this blog, which you can learn more about here. In today’s article we will discuss the importance of staying fit but most importantly to keep on moving. Our motto here is “keep on moving” and there is actually an extra reason for saying that (aside of the inspirational tone to it.)

The muscles in our body, basically feed on our motion. If you look at Hook’s law, it very well states that (paraphrased) if you don’t keep loading your muscles, bones and physical structures of your body, those get “lazy” and ruin or lose their strength. It is true that muscles and bones are tied together in a very significant way. Even if you just think about it, muscles are attachments from bone to bone, which using the joints, create movement and allow you to be comfortable in your every day living. It’s like having a car in the garage for many years: after you take it out 10 years later, it probably won’t even start.

So although I very much disagree with the fitness gurus and all the training tips they provide which in reality puts a lot of load on the joints creating arthritic problems, basic movement is important for your overall health. The proteins in your muscles and those little things that create the contraction in muscles, need to keep on staying active: it’s as simple as that. So you need to pretty much keep feeding those, if you plan to keep on walking many more years.

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Welcome to the athletic spot!

Welcome to the hottest athletic site you will find on the web. We talk about everything related to sports. Having as a staring point the Saratoga Phillies baseball team and using that as inspiration, this is going to be your source of athletic entertainment.

A lot more information about this project will be shared with you in upcoming posts and days. Stay cool and keep moving!