Side Effects Of Athletics

I know that in most posts┬áthat have been published already, I always talk in a good way about sports, staying fit and being in shape. I talk about the importance of exercising, and how that has a powerful effect to simple things like your muscles, or more complex like your cardiovascular system and mood/mentality. What I haven’t said yet, and I think it’s kind of important (especially for the younger crowd looking to work out like Rocky Balboa does) are the side effects and physical problems that follow a workout program.

When you think of the human body or human mechanics (aka bio mechanics) you really need to look at it as a vehicle: its fuel is food, its maintenance is sleep and its life is movement. However the more you take your car out on the road, the more it gets worn out and loses the quality: its metals will lose the color, the engine will have flaws, and the wheel structures may brake at some point. Well…as strange as this may sound, humans too get into such situations. An engine failure would be more like a heart attack (and that is not an immediate affect of exercising) however your joints and your bone/muscle condition, could pretty much be symbolized with a flat tire, or a tire losing air. The truth is, when you work out and especially if you work out in a harsh way (even running can be considered a harsh workout) you are putting a lot of pressure on your body organs, and especially your joints. These absolutely need movement in order to stay healthy, but at the same time, you can create small damages that over the years, lead to much greater problems. A simple ankle sprain, is a good example.

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