Human Physiology

I want to welcome you to our second post already. The first one was more of an introduction about the purposes of this blog, which you can learn more about here. In today’s article we will discuss the importance of staying fit but most importantly to keep on moving. Our motto here is “keep on moving” and there is actually an extra reason for saying that (aside of the inspirational tone to it.)

The muscles in our body, basically feed on our motion. If you look at Hook’s law, it very well states that (paraphrased) if you don’t keep loading your muscles, bones and physical structures of your body, those get “lazy” and ruin or lose their strength. It is true that muscles and bones are tied together in a very significant way. Even if you just think about it, muscles are attachments from bone to bone, which using the joints, create movement and allow you to be comfortable in your every day living. It’s like having a car in the garage for many years: after you take it out 10 years later, it probably won’t even start.

So although I very much disagree with the fitness gurus and all the training tips they provide which in reality puts a lot of load on the joints creating arthritic problems, basic movement is important for your overall health. The proteins in your muscles and those little things that create the contraction in muscles, need to keep on staying active: it’s as simple as that. So you need to pretty much keep feeding those, if you plan to keep on walking many more years.

On top of that, you will see many training leaders tell you about “cardio.” What does that really mean? Everyone keeps repeating the importance of cardio training. Well…think about it. Your heart really is a muscle that pumps and sucks blood to feed your internal and external organs and tissue. That muscle (as in any muscle) also needs to keep on moving. And of course it moves on its own, but you need to keep loading it steadily and consistently so that it can take and handle the harder physical activities. Imagine having a heart that isn’t used to harsh activity and then you decide to take a hike on the mountains. You probably will stay up their in the mountain for much longer. Also, movement helps the cardiovascular system as a whole in a much better way. When the flow of blood has a lot more pressure in it (pressure norms) it keeps the veins and all of those little pipes crystal clear without any clutter that is responsible for your strokes. So when you keep your blood “thin” and keep on pouring through a lot of blood under pressure, it keeps your veins and arteries in shape and ready to handle more difficult activities, without the risk of a burst (which could lead to death.)

Getting back to what we were saying about your hearth, when the heart works better your internal organs as a whole will work better. And that is because if the heart is able to pump more blood at a faster pace, it means your tissue will get a lot more oxygen and it will overly help with the health of your organs and physical structures in your body. So it really is a chain of command: the more oxygen allows your other organs to perform better and more difficult activities in your every day life, which then allows your muscles and bones to stay in shape, which that again allows you to move, leading back to the heart benefit. These are all tied together. Which is why it’s so important for people to not work just on one specific type of exercise or one area of their body. They need to focus on everything holistically so that there is overall health and one structure helps another.

I tried to make this article as simple as possible without a lot of medical technical terms. If it’s too difficult to understand, let me know. The bottom line here is: you want to keep on moving because that helps: your muscles, bones, heart and vascular system. All these are also connected with each other, making it even more important to keep these in shape and functional.

If you want to learn more, make sure you come back. 

Below you can pretty much listen to my thoughts summed up: no I didn’t create it, but it pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy!


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