If Teens Lift Weights They’ll Stay Short (um no)

The tittle pretty much says it all. And unfortunately, a lot of you people actually reading this may believe this is true. Medical professionals (note I didn’t say doctors) suggest that if people at an early age (during their earl teenage years before they are fully developed) start lifting weights, something voodoo takes place in their joints that keeps them short. Well, I was tormented with that thought and that threat as a young child myself. Whenever I would attend physical education, I didn’t dare tell anyone that I lifted weights (nothing too intense – just regular workout but instead of running a track, I lifted weights.) It was the “big no no” back then and unfortunately still is today. What I don’t get (and this is for you parents) is why are we supposed to pay tons of money in taxes to support schools that pay these teachers, or pay tuition for an academic training program, when they haven’t really gotten their facts straight? What ever happened to not paying whoever does a horrible job? There needs to be consequence. 


So, when i was younger I did a lot of reading regarding this topic. It just didn’t make sense to me, that someone who lifts weights stays short. I mean what is the explanation behind it? That something voodoo happens that nobody knows about, wasn’t really the answer I was hoping to find. So when I kept on reading and looking at real life examples, I really couldn’t convince myself to listen to that stupid advice. If you look at football players, the lift weights since elementary school and you look at the beasts they become (not just in width but also height.) So I kind of experimented on myself, and took my risk of “staying short” to start lifting weights. I figured, if I stay short, so what? At least I will have a real life example; myself!

But guess what: I am exactly 6.069554 tall and the tallest in my family and even taller than the average person living in America right now. Of course, compared to the Norwegians or the Swedes, I probably am a midget. But you get my point. I am way above average and in the US I am considered to be very tall. So guess what little myth? You just got busted…real life example of myself! Not only does lifting weights not harm you and your height, but keep your joints and bones in shape, can actually help you develop more and that includes height. If you read back on my latest article, you will see what I said about Hook’s law, requiring bones and physical human structures to be loaded consistently in order to not collapse and lose the mechanical abilities. So with that in mind, the more you load your bones and muscles, the better. If course, you should follow some norms. Even in my case, I didn’t lift weights for countless hours. But for a young child to lift some weights 30 minutes/day, not only is it not harmful but it’s also very healthy. Never over do it of course. Many people get patriotic and sweat their whole bodily fluids in the gym. I am not talking about that. Just staying in shape, loading the bones and joints and you should be fine. Once in a while you can visit an orthopedic doctor to make sure you aren’t hurting any ligaments or anything like that, but other than that you are ready to go.

This is really a lesson for all of us, and for other topics, regardless of if those are relevant to sports and athletics or not. Whenever you hear something, always make sure you judge the source. What evidence does he/she have for that, and also what other things has that person or entity said, and how did those turn out to be? Make sure you do your own research. Getting a little bit off topic here, but how do you think the big bang took place as a scientific subject in our lives? A few morons started talking about it and it really caught on, especially among the atheist community (they love getting their hands on something that denies the existence of God.) So pretty much the lack of individual research, has led to the lie and mess that is evolution. Always make sure you look into these matters on your own. Don’t rely on the academic that is too lazy to get a damn job to support his family and spends his hours in “labs” that really don’t do anything but spend resources (in these cases.) I am not denying science, and science has really helped us understand a lot more about God, but I also can’t take the crap they sell on the shelves here and there.

Excuse me for getting way off topic. Back to our athletics. What I want you to remember (and especially if you are a teenager wondering what these people are saying around you) is that you will in no way stay short by working out and lifting weights. I can’t say that you will grow taller either, but in my case I can say that I am the tallest among my siblings (I have 4) and a year after I started lifting weights, that big “boom” that takes place right around 14, was really big!

I hope you have enjoyed this piece of information, and obviously reach out with concerns, disagreements and/or questions. We will be happy to help!

See you on the next post.

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