Staying Fit Because Of Job

For today’s article, I have quite an interesting subject and topic of discussion. I will talk a little bit about the way humans (the human body) has been created to live, and kind of the lifestyle we follow today (you kind of get the direction of this article, right?)

Many many years ago, when God created us, even if you think about the jobs that existed back then, it was all focused on manual work. Nothing computerized, no indoor work situations and desks. It would basically be a lot of work under the harsh weather or the sun. But as centuries went by, more and more people were trying to improve their life conditions and their overall situation (and quality of life) leading up to what we know today as the office job.

That is probably how the gymnasium boom took place: people understood that they are nowadays inside offices, sitting on a chair or couch for very long hours and not getting enough movement. Remember our motto? Keep moving!

So what basically happened, was we stopped moving and with that we got the extra calories, the extra join problems and overall health issues. Our bodies were not designed in such a way, and even if you look at it from a bio-mechanical stand point, it is modified and structured in a way for manual work. Basically in a similar way that animals have been structured. It’s created to hunt and all that good stuff.

I was reading the other day about a worker of a commercial demolition company out in Georgia saying how his job allows him to not go to the gym. Even when you think about construction, it still is much different than thousands of years ago. Because back then, all the boulder had to be lifted manually by human manpower. Today you pretty much got cranes, bulldozers and all that fun stuff. So it still isn’t as tough as it was years ago. But according to that worker’s interview, they still very much lift heavy weights and even operating these pieces of heavy equipment, takes a lot of manual work. Even considering the walks on the deconstruction site, that by its own can be a very good daily workout.

Guys, I’m obviously not suggesting you go work for a construction company to avoid the gym bills. What I am saying however, is that these jobs look a like more to the types we were created for. It’s not that these people will have healthier lives (if anything else, all the arthritic problems they will face in their older years, will be a great pain.) But it just keeps them moving. And nowadays, I think we tend to forget how much we actually don’t move. It’s kind of frightening, because it can be hours before you get off your chair and walk around. Not only isn’t that good for your muscular system, but even when it comes to the vascular system, you are creating problems. In regards to veins, you can damage those little valves that help the blood flow to keep going up (and not drop lower.) You can have all kinds of arterial problems and deceases, increasing your medical bills greatly (and putting extra risk on your health and well being.)

So whenever you go to your office, make sure you discuss with your colleagues what I have jut talked about. If you happen to be a more agricultural person (either as a job or a hobby) then you are fine. But if not, you seriously need to get into a training program. I am not talking about becoming no Sylvester Stallone (that guy has done lots of doping.) A conservative and sustainable workout program that includes cardio, can be a very good way for you to stay in shape, keep your organs in shape, and allow you to not only have a healthier life, but also a happier life. Yes, athletics and movement increases your mood levels (because it unleashes an adrenaline that helps you stay happy or at least not depressed.)

Because of the fact that there was so much good information (and maybe some medical terms?) used here, I do urge you all to send me your questions. Health is not something you want to take lightly, and because of that I want to make sure you get the best information out there. At least information that will be the corner stone, around of which you will build an amazing healthy life.

I look forward to seeing you more in the future and discussing more interesting athletic topics.

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