Training Masks – Do They Work?

This article’s purpose will be to discuss the importance of using a training mask in your everyday workouts and training. There has been a lot of discussion about it, and whether it actually helps improve your performance. We know of course big stars like Marshawn Lynch that loves wearing it during workouts and would probably love to wear it during the games (I heard he will be playing for the Raiders – we will see.)

There actually has been a lot of debate about it, and half of the people love it, while others question it. I happen to be a Physical Therapist, and a lot of my work focuses on respiratory physiology and training, so I believe to have some insightful information for anyone curious about it. Before we jump in though, let’s get the facts straight regarding what Training Mask actually believes their product does:

A lot of athletes train in high altitudes in order to get more red blood cells in their cardiovascular system, which as we know carry the oxygen to our tissue. That of course has been scientifically proven and indeed helps with the performance of the athletes. It is a natural dope substance that is allowed in the games. Training Mask claims to have the same natural effect with training up in the mountains…only you can do this at sea level. Basically what it does is restrain the flow of air/oxygen your lunges get, making you work much harder (increasing your cardio beeps) than what you would naturally work. Scientists and many people that believe training mask doesn’t work as a product will say that even athletes in the mountains, train there for a few months before coming down to the games. That basically suggesting there is a time factor to be involved. But looking at this from a medical point of view and a question of: does it help even a little bit – there I have to vote for the training mask, hands down.

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