We are not the official baseball team based out in Saratoga Springs, NY but rather a tribute to that amazing team. Our goal here is to bring athletics and fitness to as much people as possible. We barely have any products to sell to you. Awareness of the importance to stay fit and keep on moving is our goal.

Our motto is “keep moving” and that is what we will stick to throughout all the posts¬†throughout this site. We don’t mean to ask from anyone to live their lives in a certain way, but we are very much concerned about the direction Americans are heading in regards to their healthy and fitness situation. Too many people are overweight without there being a reason for that. Not only does that pose problems to your heart and vein system, but also it creates arthritic and orthopedic conditions (because of the extra weight joints can’t handle.) So because there is an overall health condition in the US tied directly into overweight or improper weight and structure of muscular system, we want to be able to save everyone from this great problem. If you want to contribute and help out with this great issue, you can e-mail us.